• 广州恒大发战永昌赛前海报:《百舸争流》

    The elf took absolutely no notice of Harry and the rest. Acting as though it could not see them, it shuffled hunchbacked, slowly and doggedly, towards the far end of the room, all the while muttering under its breath in a hoarse, deep voice like a bullfrog's.

  • 巴舒亚伊:好球员被英超吸引太正常


  • 库班谈总决赛:我支持骑士

    ' " - which restores you to full fitness, enabling you to pursue the leisure activity of your own choice during an hour that would otherwise have been devoted to unprofitable boredom." That's what we're putting in the adverts, anyway,' whispered Fred, who had edged over out of Mrs Weasley's line of vision and was now sweeping a few stray Doxys from the floor and adding them to his pocket. 'But they still need a bit of work. At the moment our testers are having a bit of trouble stopping themselves puking long enough to swallow the purple end.'

  • 官方:卡卡代替科斯塔入选美洲杯大名单

    'A weapons going to be a lot bigger than the Stone, though!' said Ron.

  • 延边主帅:遗憾河太均失绝杀,此后都是决赛

    'What do you want, anyway?' George asked.

  • 学者鲍明晓:希望姚明主政篮协

    'Deep down, Fudge knows Dumbledore's much cleverer than he is, a much more powerful wizard, and in the early days of his Ministry he was forever asking Dumbledore for help and advice,' said Lupin. 'But it seems he's become fond of power, and much more confident. He loves being Minister for Magic and he's m; n-aged to convince himself that he's the clever one and Dumbledore's simply stirring up trouble for the sake of it.'

  • 德罗西:曾非常担心自己落选23人名单

    They must be bad if you prefer this place,' said Sirius gloomily.